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Young Carers

Young Carers are children and young people, up to the age of 18, whose lives are affected by looking after someone. This may include physical or learning disabilities, long term illness, mental health problems, or misuse of drugs or alcohol. This may be a parent, brother, sister or other family member.

The care they give maybe physical and /or emotional. These responsibilities may include: personal care, housework, lifting, shopping, giving medication, looking after brothers or sisters, cheering them up, helping them to fill in forms or reminding them to do things.

To find out more, click this link to visit the Swindon Carers Centre website

Are you a Young Carer?

Young carers help the person they care for with a variety of different tasks, such as:

  • Getting up and washing
  • Taking medication
  • Housework
  • Lifting
  • Shopping
  • Looking after younger siblings
  • Cheering them up and keeping them company
  • Helping fill in forms
  • Reminding them to do things
  • Making sure they are safe

If you want to find out more about Young Carers, please contact the school.

Swindon Carers Centre

Swindon Carers Centre is a charitable organisation, which is part of the Carers Trust Network, and they were established to provide help and support to the 15000 carers in Swindon.

They have a team of professionals and trained volunteers who provide a wide range of support and services. Not all of these services may be relevant to your caring role at the moment, but it is reassuring to know that they are there in case your circumstances change.

As a Centre they work in partnership with other organisations, including local NHS services, Swindon Borough Council’s Adult Social Care and Children’s Services and other local voluntary organisations with the aim of identifying as many carers as possible and to provide the most relevant support for your caring situation. They also work with them to raise the profile of carers so carers themselves can have a collective voice in influencing policy makers and service planners.

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