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Welcome to St. Catherine's Catholic Primary School.
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Jesus is at the centre of all that we do.

At St Catherine’s, we work together to enable everyone to become successful learners and we inspire all members of the school community to be the best that they can be.

Love      Belief      Mercy      Truth      Service      Peace

Our Values are based on the teachings of Jesus. We are inspired to learn and bring these values into our everyday lives in the service of each other, the parish, diocese and society.

We will have belief in God, belief in each other and belief in ourselves.
We will find peace and happiness in each other and in ourselves through God.
Each member of the school community will live to serve.
We will seek and speak the truth to set us free.
We will show one another mercy.
We will love God and one another as Jesus taught us.


School News Feed
  • Important
    7 December 2021
    Proposed Zebra Crossing Davenwood
    Good morning, Following requests from the local community and Ward Councillors, Swindon Borough Council are looking to provide a new controlled crossing at one location on Meadowcroft. A data analysis exercise, involving the collection of data on both vehicular and pedestrian movements between Davenwood and Derwent Drive, has shown that the provision of a controlled crossing facility is justified on Meadowcroft. Further analysis has indicated that a Zebra crossing would be the most appropriate type of crossing. In conjunction with the local Ward Councillors, Officers have visited site and identified two locations where the introduction of a crossing would be feasible and the Council is now inviting feedback on these from local stakeholders. The two locations in question are to the west of Davenwood, and east of Lansbury Drive. A plan showing these locations in more detail, along with a short survey to be completed on these options, can be found on the ‘Consultations, engagement and surveys’ section of the Council’s website. The survey will remain open until the 24th December 2021, after which results of the consultation will be discussed with Ward Councillors and a decision taken on which site the crossing would be best located. Please see the link below if you would like to take part in this survey. https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20019/consultations_engagement_and_surveys/1230/meadowcroft_zebra_crossing_consultation Thank you
  • Newsletter
    3 December 2021
    Good afternoon, Please find attached a copy of our latest newsletter. Thank you
  • Important
    30 November 2021
    Covid Update
    Please find attached the latest update regarding Covid 19. Thank you, Miss Burke
  • Reminder
    29 November 2021
    Christmas Toy Appeal
    This is just a reminder that we are still collecting new books, toys and teddies to be donated to the Swindon Toy Appeal. We will be collecting until Friday 9th December. Donations can be handed in at Reception or brought in with children. Many thanks to those who have already donated.
  • Newsletter
    12 November 2021
    Newsletter 12th November 2021
    Please find attached the newsletter for 12th November 2021.
  • Important
    12 November 2021
    Covid Update 12th Nov 2021
    Please find attached a letter regarding the most recent Covid update and the events affected.
  • General
    4 November 2021
    Upcoming Charity Events
    Please find attached a letter about the Swindon Christmas Toy Appeal and Children in Need, which is on 19th November, not the 12th as I put on the list of dates. Thank you for your support.
  • Important
    18 October 2021
    Covid Update
    Good afternoon, Please find attached a letter regarding some important precautionary changes that will be taking place in school over the next few weeks in response to the potential issues the South West is facing with incorrect PCR test results. Thank you Miss Burke and Mrs Cole
  • Newsletter
    8 October 2021
    Newsletter 8th October 2021
    Please find attached the newsletter for 8th October 2021.
  • General
    7 October 2021
    Water and Fruit
    Good morning, Thank you to those who responded to our survey about fruit and homework. We are still looking at homework and will get back to you about this later. 80% of parents were in favour of children having fresh fruit or vegetables only at breaktimes, and several other parents were happy if we included dried fruit such as raisins or dried apricots. From after half-term, this will be the policy implemented in school. Children who bring anything other than fresh fruit or vegetables, or dried fruit in its original form, down at playtime will be asked to go and put it back in their lunchboxes for lunchtime. The Government provide fruit and for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children already and this will continue to happen. Additionally, over time, more and more children have been bringing squash into school in their water bottles. We have always had a water only policy in school although over the last two years, things have understandably slipped a little. The reason we have this policy is two fold: first of all, as a school, we are supposed to encourage healthy choices and water is considered to be the healthiest option. Chilled water is freely available in school for all children. Secondly, we have had several incidents of bottles being knocked over in the past. When it is just water that is spilt, it isn't a problem to clear things up and dry off work. When it is squash or flavoured/fizzy water, it is sticky and messy and children's work has been ruined. In future, children who have squash in their bottles will be asked to put them in their bags for lunchtime. Children may absolutely have squash or juice cartons with their lunch but we will only be allowing them to have water whilst they are in the classrooms. If children are asked to put bottles in their bags, then they will still be able to access the water fountains throughout the day as we have paper cups available for this purpose. Many thanks for responding to the questionnaire and for your support, Miss Burke and Mrs Cole
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