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Science Curriculum at St Catherine's


As a school, we use 'Snap Science' by Collins to inform our teaching and assessment in science.

A weekly 60 minute lesson is taught from year 1 to year 6. EYFS is used for the children at the foundation stage. The curriculum is carefully planned to avoid repetition but it does build on their knowledge year by year.

We have also developed a bee garden on our school site, designed to attract bumble bees and other wildlife. This was a project that was supported by the National Trust to help increase the population of bees. This project has been a great success and we have many regular visitors to the garden.


Each year at St Catherine’s we have a ‘Science week’ where the children spend time carrying out a range of exciting experiments and investigations. The ‘hands on approach’ carries on throughout the year in classrooms. Children will often work collaboratively across year groups.

Science is an essential part of school life as it teaches children to ask the question ‘why?’ Practical activities are a great way of exploring the subject and ensure that the children have a great experience which will be memorable and interesting. Children learn to predict, explore and evaluate as well as the essential skill of writing up an experiment. Science is a subject that is designed to use children’s natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and teach us all to become Scientists.


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