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Other Ways to Learn


What else can you do at home?

Whilst learning is extremely important, there is a lot more to this than reading, writing and maths.

Being at home together provides you as a family with an amazing opportunity to do other things together which have sometimes stopped being a part of children's childhoods as our lives have got busier.

What we as adults are currently seeing as a few potentially very stressful months could become time that your children remember as some of the best in their lives.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • building dens or forts,
  • planting a garden,
  • playing shops,
  • preparing meals together,
  • writing letters to family and friends who you can't visit at the moment,
  • playing board games,
  • create a journal scrap book for your time at home,
  • design a fairy or super hero house for the garden,
  • junk modelling,
  • card crafting,
  • send ecards to people feeling lonely,
  • tic, tac, toe,
  • squares,
  • cat's cradle,
  • bake cookies and ckaes,
  • have a family pyjama day,
  • print off naturre scavenger hunts for the garden,
  • get involved with the local rainbow spotting game... (people are putting rainbows in windows for children to spot when they are out walking for exercise)
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